My video called Steve and the Killer Cube got blammed once yesterday and once today. I think because my video didn't have any music or audio in it. For those of you who don't know what blammed means, it really just means that the viewers rate it so low that the video gets deleted.  It doesn't really matter too much that it got deleted because I'm making a flash now which should be the best one I've made so far! I'm not gonna tell you the name or what it's about. But don't worry, it should be finished by the end of this week. And if not, it should be finished at the end of next week! :D
My flash movie, Blender, has now got over 500 views on Newgrounds! See for yourself at: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/515875!
So yeah, RMtoons - Blender is out! Check it out now by clicking on this link: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/515875